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October 20, 2023
world record pumpkin

Fun Fact Friday # 35 \\ PUMPKINS //

Two things:

1. The world record was broken yet again for the heaviest pumpkin on Monday, Oct. 9th 2023. The bad boy weighed in at 2,749 lbs!! The record was recorded in Half Moon Bay, California by a Travis Gienger. The last Guinnes World Record was set at 2,702 lbs, by an italian grower. Travis named his pumpkin Michael Jordan after his attempt to grow the greatest pumpkin in year 2023 (also Jordans jersey no.). That’s a lot of pie!

2. Did you know there are HUNDREDS of different varieties of pumpkins? So much that even chatGPT couldn’t tell me an actual # for an answer. Apparently, the total number of pumpkin varieties is quite extensive and continues to evolve with breeding and cultivation practices. I wonder if pumpkin breeding is lucrative….

At any rate, I found some of my favorite visually pleasing pumpkins to show you.

Popular varieties include:

– Sugar Pie, Cinderella

– Blue Hubbard

– Connecticut Field

– Fairytale

– And the list goes on and on and on

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