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Perennials v Annuals

Fun Fact Friday # 16 Perennials v Annuals Perennial plants are the botanical superheroes of the garden. These amazing plants have the ability to survive and thrive for multiple years!

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veterans day

Veteran owned and operated

Fun Fact Friday # 38: Terra Garden Svcs is Veteran owned and operated Veterans Day, a day of profound respect and gratitude, is a big deal around here, on this

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dia de los muertos

Dia de los Muertos

Fun Fact Friday # 36 Dia de los Muertos It’s that time of year when we dust off our dancing shoes, don our colorful calacas, and get ready to fiesta

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world record pumpkin


Fun Fact Friday # 35 \\ PUMPKINS // Two things: 1. The world record was broken yet again for the heaviest pumpkin on Monday, Oct. 9th 2023. The bad boy

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greenbluff pumpkins

Greenbluff, WA

Fun Fact Friday # 32: Greenbluff WA If you’ve been to any or all of the Greenbluff farms, then you already know what vibrant local gem awaits. If you haven’t

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